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Concluding WRNS100 in 2017

At Margate I took myself off the Victory Walk for the final WRNS100 event held in the State Rooms of Speaker’s House, Westminster.  A fabulous end to an amazing year, where MPs from all parties came together to say thank you to 100 women who represented women of the past and present Naval Service.  It was attended by 50 veterans from each decade since 1940 until the separate Women’s Royal Naval Service was disbanded in 1993, and 50 women serving in today’s Royal Navy. 

It was uplifting to see the mutual respect between all those women – the changes of the past century would have seemed inconceivable to the first Wrens of 1917.  Every woman there was so proud to represent her individual contribution, her era of service and specialisation.  The WRNS100 year could not have concluded in a more prestigious venue.