5495 miles already walked

Movement in Milford

Enormous tankers and gas carriers continue to move up and down Milford waterway and the Victory Walker has finally been allowed to move (a little) too.

Rather than ‘climbing up the wall’, this week has been marked by the Physio Team giving me permission to ‘walk up the wall’!  Ordinarily, walking your fingers up a wall would be a simple task for anyone, but not for those who have suffered bad soft tissue damage after a shoulder dislocation.

In all, I’ve been given seven further mobilisation exercises: these are religiously being done three times a day.  Some of that time is spent playing ‘Incy Wincy Spider’, in which I’m attempting to make my right hand move up the wall.  Like the spider, my progress is painfully slow; I often find myself dropping away. 

Little did I know that when I set off on the Victory Walk I’d be returned to my childhood games - all in the cause of building up shoulder mobility and muscle strength so that I can counter balance in windy conditions, heave myself over gates, pull myself up over stiles and use my walking pole again.

In the hope that I may soon be able to have a ‘phased return to the walk’, and with the physio’s approval, I have acquired an adjustable shoulder brace and a one shoulder cross-body backpack.  The backpack is being used when I get out for short walks or when visiting the local shops. It’s now a case of getting that complicated right shoulder joint and supporting muscles working properly again.

I’ve also had a couple of trips out this week.

Firstly, it was a privilege to meet Welsh soldier Barry John MBE, who set up his first VC Gallery in Haverfordwest.  An artist himself, he recognised that art can help people overcome various difficulties, including those suffering from PTSD or other mental health issues.  More recently another VC Gallery has opened in Pembroke Dock.  Both Galleries focus on working with veterans, older people, children and anyone in the local community who feel they need time out to express themselves through art and creativity.  It was a pleasure to give an informal talk about the Victory Walk and spend an enjoyable evening chatting to members over a mug of coffee and biscuits. 

Secondly, on a recent supermarket trip I recognised a familiar face pushing his trolley in the aisles: it was Peter, the man who came to my initial rescue all those weeks ago.  He assured me I looked much better than the day he found me calling for help.  That was good for morale and it just proves that my ‘Incy Wincy Spider’ exercises are working!

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